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Artist Statement


Approach to art production in my works focuses attention on the post-production stage of the film chain, where through editing and other techniques I rework existing materials into something new. Manipulated media I tend to pair with other animated elements that I create through hand or digital processes. The primary key of this practice lies in a transformation.
When working with the found footage materials, I take a view on an aesthetical and non-aesthetical exploration of two concepts: the poor image and digital recycling. In a particular way I could say that within my work I am trying to break the dichotomy between art

(the process of creative expression) and life (the consumer culture) in the context of digital society, thus using trivial and mostly useless materials on the internet. At the same time, I believe in the liberating power of nonlinear, non-narrative aesthetic experiences.

I tend to create artworks that can embody nothing less than a way of seeing. For that reason, many of mine video works are a series

of loops without sound focusing just on pure experience of seeing.

Anja Malec


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