No Strings Attached 2019

mixmedia inastallation: wax scluptures, video/ live visuals, interactivity

Exploration of phenomenon of falling in love and forming of romantic relationships in the digital age.


Mixed media installation work, No Strings Attached,  takes its title from urban jargon when describing the non-commitment in the relationship that directly responds to the notions of problems in online dating: the trend of fast dating, lake of empathy and non-commitment.

In this body of work, I take a look at the current condition in the contemporary society that is overloaded with social media apps, designed to help us get closer, yet, it seems that they have created more disadvantages for us.  

*work in production


FAEN 2109- Exhibition, Symposium & Archival program at Atelier Nord, Oslo Norway

FAEN 2010-  Group exhibition as part of the Meta.Morf X Biennale, Trondheim Norway, TEKS- Trondheim Electronic Art Center