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4 CHANNEL Video  installation

Year of production:2020



​NUMBER BLUE is a generative four-channel video installation that aims to question the future of e-citizens.

The focus of this work is on facial recognition and facial analysis technologies and their implementation in everyday life. I intend to transform these technologies into the objects of ethical witnessing, critique, and action. Thus, I am looking at the face as the asset or the biometric currency of citizenship.
If we look per day, Facial recognition is in use for unlocking smartphones, for registering attendance in some schools, streamline security in public transit, but as well for the punish jaywalkers and for paying the bills. If we are going toward the automation of facial currency, whos property are we going to become, what categories will define our value, and what about our privacy?

The work is an avant-garde critique of surveillance capitalism.

Work is made from photos of my identification documents from countries I am a citizen of and country of residence. I was born in Yugoslavia, after the break of Yugoslavia, I got two citizenships Bosnia and Croatian, but I am a permanent resident in Norway. In each country, I have a different ID number but the same face. Thus, one can speculate that I am not the best asset. I am "owned" by many countries.
The photos are connected to direct feed from stock movement data—this information I am using to affect the image. With every stock movement, photos are manipulated and distorted. As time passes, my face will disappear, and with it, my value as an asset.



Metamedia Association within 22nd edition of

Media Mediterranea Festival , Pula, Croatia



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