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Remix Cinema


6 channel video

Year of production:2017

Running Time: 01:00:00 animation loop

Through processes of experimentation, this work wants to explore the nature of the relationship between original and transformed work. How do they correlate with each other?

The inspiration for this video work is drawn from cultural concept described by Lawrence Lessig in his book Remix, where he explains a cultural shift from “read-only” culture (i.e., in which a passive viewer looks upon a work of art) to “read-write” culture (i.e. in which the viewer actively participates in a recreation of it). Every day media use mostly influences this cultural transformation.
The media for video is taken from digital archive The Prelinger, with open source licensed video material. In this body of work, I am dealing with the idea of a new aesthetic based on remixing and re-purposing of media content. The same time, this work is about the process and engagement within digital manipulation, translation, and the act of appropriation and recycling in the digital society.

anja malec_remix cineam instal view.jpg
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