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Video wall installation, 6 channel video, poster

Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 2 min animated loops

SEQUENCE addresses the question of error in data collecting. It aims to question what happens when we start collecting digital data that has no particular purpose, or what we do with the collection that with the time has lost its previous mission, but we decide to keep it anyway.

 Furthermore, this project explores the psychological characteristics of individuals who engage in digital hoarding. Behaviors associated with the accumulation of digital objects such as photographs, files, emails, and apps, etc.  Besides, we can ask our selves how do we think about and relate to the digital information that we have access to, and how do we decide on whether or not to save it or delete it.
Could it be a habit? Or, it could be based on fear we have about losing something or missing out. Only one thing is certain...

To create this work I took a starting point in my behavior. My computer is a stockpile of mass amounts of digital data: screenshots I valued one time, reaction Gif's, piles of photographs, Limewire mp3s, and many more data files I never bothered to trash. The effort to clean up digital files can be monotonous and time-consuming. 

I decided to do something. Before deleting all this log kept and well-preserved unnecessary data into an infinite void, I have decided to go through the process of reconciliation and create an artwork out of it, in this case, a series of video mashup collages.

malec erroer.jpg
MALEC_SEQUENCE_still frame1 (1).jpg
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